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Suzelle Pierre Louis

Born in a small town in Haiti, I was raised by my mother. My father was present in my life, but he was not there every day. My mom was a hard-working woman with a strong will. She wanted all of us (7) to have a good education in order for us to be independent and we did. We had a pretty decent life for a third-world family led by a single mother.

At 23, I had my first daughter. Being a single mother in Haiti was not easy. Even some members of your family see you as trash. When you meet a man they always see you as easy target and you don’t get the respect that the married women have. I spent most of my life desiring to be loved, but it was only when I found Jesus that I realized what true love was. A love that lets me know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). A love that tells me HE cares even when my life is a mess. Romans 5:8: “But God shows His love for us (Suzelle) in that while we were (Suzelle was) still sinners, Christ died for us (Suzelle)! I am saved only by grace, not for what I have done. There is nothing that I can do to pay HIM for the cross, for the empty tomb and for HIS resurrection that I may have eternal life.

I have been pardoned, saved, restored, redeemed and loved. I just want to share my redeeming story with the single mothers from my hometown… share with them that my strength and my hope are not in what I can do. This is not about my power and might, but through the redeeming love and power of Jesus Christ. I am washed by HIS blood; my shame is gone, and that is why today I can stand boldly to talk about Jesus. I can boast today in Jesus Christ, HIS death and HIS resurrection!


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