to Haiti, 

with love

Founded in early 2016, lakayTimoun (House of Children) began as small gathering of kids in the Haitian community of Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye. It has since become a thriving faith-based school serving more than 100 children and providing up to 400 daily community meals, economic stability for 20 staff, a permanent kitchen, classrooms and toilets, a garden, medical care and more. Haitian native Suzelle Pierre Louis returned to her hometown in the hopes of making a difference. That difference has been immeasurable.

Changing an entire community, one child at a time

At lakayTimoun, there's a lot of love to share. 

Your help is urgently needed to complete new classrooms for preschool this year!

Once again, lakayTimoun began the 2022-23 school year with a record number of students. The completion of the new preschool building is urgently needed. Your generosity would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Who We Are

lakayTimoun is an ever-growing army of support for the children of Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye and their families. This includes more than 20 staff; numerous local volunteers; dozens of short-term missionaries; and countless others who offer their prayers, finances and skills.

What We Do

lakayTimoun provides faith-based education for more than 100 elementary-age children; up to 400 daily meals for members of the community; fresh water; a garden; medical services; a living wage for staff; and stability, hope and self-worth for all involved.

Where We Serve

The community of Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye, Haiti, is a largely rural population that has been hard hit by political and social unrest.  It is an area severely challenged by food insecurity, lack of education, poverty and natural disaster.     

Join us in seeking God for provision, guidance, presence and hope

From the very first day, lakayTimoun has been based in biblical principles and led by great faith. Founder Suzelle Pierre Louis has been unwavering in her love for God and for her Haitian hometown, and we have seen God move in awesome and wonderful ways. Please join us in praying for restoration and stability in the community, for financial needs to be met, for eyes to be open to the love and hope of Jesus Christ, for each of our students to find purpose and faith, and for wisdom in stewarding all that has been given us.  

Offer your time and talents onsite to help bring stability and hope to those in need

At its best, the community of Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye (and the country of Haiti as a whole) is unstable. For this reason, we prayerfully and carefully consider the timing and strategic purpose of each short-term mission trip to the area. Past trips have focused on construction of permanent buildings, medical clinics, opportunities to teach the children and present Bible studies, community outreach, and more. If you have a heart to go, let's talk. Click on the 'get involved' button below. Your presence could be the answer to someone's specific prayer!

Your generous gifts - whether one-time or ongoing - directly impact lives

In Haiti, the dollar stretches a long way. Because we are a small and agile organization led by an area native, we have low overhead and operational costs. Imagine: It takes only $400 a year to maintain the well that provides clean drinking water not only for lakayTimoun, but also for the community. Just $30 covers 300 meals (an entire day's worth). A new classroom can be furnished for $1,150, and $2,370 provides books for an entire grade. Your generosity, whether through a one-time gift or recurring donation, directly impacts the lives of these precious children and their families in so many ways. 

Suzelle Pierre Louis


In her younger days, some wondered whether Suzelle Pierre Louis ran a daycare out of her home. She didn't, but no wonder: It was always filled with children seeking her presence, encouragement, prayers and joy.  Suzelle fled her native Haiti for the U.S. decades ago due to political unrest, but always knew she'd return. The opportunity came in early 2016. She moved back to her hometown and began gathering children under an avocado tree on family property, teaching them not only schoolwork, but also lessons about love, self-worth, hope and opportunity. Since then, lakayTimoun has become an essential component of the impoverished community, providing education, meals, medical care, and more. The school and its reach continue to expand year after year, now meeting in permanent structures and continuing to infuse stability and faith.

Beneath the Avocado Tree


Join us in the journey today!

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